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2020 Model 3 Performance

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• Interior Center Console Screen
• Forge CF Steeling wheel Yoke style Twisted monitor joint Exterior
• SD ROBOT FRONT Bumper CF Spolier CF Bonnet side mirror cover
• SD ROBOT CF Side Skit Future design Rear CF Spolier •
• Future design Rear CF Diffuser
• AIRlift air suspenions console system
• Prazis air suspenions Hardrace rear toe kit Hardrace • • rear camber kit
• Hardrace sway bar Customer brake mount
• Nine forge 19 with Michelin PS4S
• BREMBO GT 6pot FRONT Brake Kit w/ Endless Mx72+
• BREMBO GT 4pot REAR Brake Kit w/ Endless Mx72+
• 38000km indicated
• 2 Owner on VRD
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